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san francisco bay area 

and northern california


paul walton is a california 

lawyer with more than 25 years 

of experience representing clients 

charged with dui and other 

offenses in california courts.


talk to a lawyer as soon as possible before 

you go to court, even for a first offense. 

you have a right to an attorney 

even if you cannot afford one. 

don't go to court alone or plead guilty 

without legal advice. a criminal conviction 


can cause> 



to get your case reduced> 



most first offenses are resolved with 

a fine payment, community service, 

or weekend work> 

if you are charged with petty> 

you might be> 

that allows you> 

your case dismissed. if you are charged with dui, 

you must contact> 

if you want> 


old convictions can be cleared (expunged) 

from your record> 

are no> 

the other requirements of your case. 

the other requirements of your case. 

talk to a lawyer before you make any decisions 

or miss any deadlines. 


i will handle your case personally from beginning to end. 

you will not be met at court by an associate or assistant. 


initial consultations are always free. 

reasonable attorney fees. cash, checks, credit 

cards, paypal, and apple pay accepted. 

monthly payment plans can be arranged. 

if you cannot afford an attorney, you might be eligible 

for the office of the public defender to represent you.


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